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Improve the speed and stability of your Internet connection.

Do you want to improve the speed of your Internet connection? Then try Throttle and you will instantly notice the difference.

Whatever your connection (ADSL, DSL, ISDN, cable, Modem), with Throttle you can increase its efficiency and speed by up to 200%, and what is more important, much more stability. In other words it not only improves speed without affecting the stability of the connection, but it actually increases it.

It is important to understand that Throttle doesn't install any new file or data into your PC. The only thing it does is make some specific modifications in some entries in the Windows Registry, aimed at increasing the resources available to the modem, and various other things.

Once the changes have been made with Throttle (simply pressing a button) you have to restart the PC and the changes are made. The improvements will be noted in both the Internet transfers and in LANs.

The use of the program is really easy. Its interface has just one button, and pressing it starts the whole analysis and modification process for all the parameters needed to optimize your Internet connection.


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